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Our founding principles

We teach, interact and build relationships through using a process we created called the K.E.E. System.


The painstaking process of an individual educating themselves on targeted points of the cultural history or social background of another.


The time set aside that is dedicated to reflection and empathetic evaluation of information obtained concerning the cultural history or social background of another.


The efforts taken to implement new social norms, processes and actions within personal, small business, corporate and government environments. 

Railway at Night

going beyond a movement

The Recommit America campaign is an innovative campaign formed shortly after the historic 2020 global protests. We uplift everyday people from different cultures and backgrounds while providing resources to rebuild communities to be stronger together. 

our vision

Our vision is to rebuild a constructive social environment through racial knowledge building, empathetic reflection and proactive collaboration.

our mission

Our mission is to set an example that social and multicultural reconciliation converts to a stronger and mentally renewed individual, community, and humanity itself.


Inside the campaign


What is the meaning behind the name of the campaign, Recommit America? Well, think of it as a recommitment to our country or getting remarried. It means we admit that we’ve made some mistakes in how we treated her, and we’re committed to doing better. Much better. For who? All of us. 

We’re committed to doing better in our efforts to: 

- Engage with other cultures and build bridges for stronger communication. 

- Pay attention and learn about social issues from multiple viewpoints.

- Listen harder when someone is hurt.

- Increase our overall ability to create or seek out solutions.

- Support and share the efforts that create stronger communities for everyone.

Why now?

The Recommit America campaign was created through emotional pain and inspiration. Our goal is to build pathways for social reconciliation and the various roadblocks that hold back humanity. Initially, the launch of the social reconciliation aspect of the campaign was encouraged by the historic international protests that sparked from the horrific death of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chavin. 

Is it all about race?

Yes and no. It wouldn’t be realistic to say that racism hasn’t been one of the largest and oldest issues ever faced by America, and all over the world. However, we believe that as a world power, America plays a unique role in how racism is dwelt with. We’ve seen through history how African Americans and Caucasian Americans set the racial tone in how people of color are treated overall. Unfortunately, with so much racism impacting so many other cultures, you’ll still see “Black & White” consistently making the big headlines. 

So, are we saying African American issues are more important than other issues facing other cultures? Of course not! Fighting for increased relations among African Americans is a fight for people of color in general. If you don’t believe it, ask the millions of people speaking out around the globe. However, the Caucasian American voice is just as essential. Wait what! Yes, it’s true. It’s all the way true. In fact, it’s essential. Just like every other culture that lives in America and abroad are essential. We just have our own starting point. After all, you have to start somewhere. Just like other people have started campaigns from their perspective. Even though we’ve started with addressing issues between African and Caucasian Americans, we are passionate about other cultures as well. 


Do you have a political affiliation?


Are you a nonprofit?

No. The Recommit America campaign is not a company or nonprofit, but a social development campaign by Binchmark for stronger communities locally and abroad.

What’s the end game?

Believe it or not, ending racism is not the end, but humanities beginning. Think about it, if racism was gone what would happen?

Chance Wilson

Advisory Council Member

Public Speaker 
Business & 
Venture Strategist 




Dr. Joseph Umidi 

Advisory Council Member

Lifeforming Institute 

Executive Vice President 
Regent University



Petula Moy

Advisory Council Member


Moy Capital


Asian American Alliance



Joash Schulman

Advisory Council Member

Towne Center Office Suites

- People of color would be economically leveled in general to Caucasian
  Americans that would contribute to a stable if not booming economy.

- Less overall poverty. 

- The crime rate would lower for a multitude of reasons. Better education,
  less desperation, less fear, equal laws, less misunderstandings,
  massively less resentment from painful memories, and more jobs to
  name a few.

- Less hate for race related reasons. 

- A ridiculous amount of new friendships and bonds that would keep
  America stronger.

- More stable families and stronger children.

- Being proactive in attacking other issues before they harm us, humanity
  as a whole and the planet before they DESTROY us all.

- More shared creativity that leads to a better life to enjoy.

As you can see, Recommit America starts with race, but with a focus on recommitting to do everything better. 



It's because of the support from individuals and companies that we're able to run our campaign and its development.

Thank you supporting sponsors and partners.


© 2020 Binchmark  |  Recommit American is a social reconciliation campaign by Binchmark for stronger communities. 

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