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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Well, let’s find an answer.

Our most popular questions.

Who are your services ideal for?
A: Individuals, entrepreneurs and professionals across various industries that care about how their reputation can protected, leveraged, shared and grown. These individuals are typically engaging with people on a consistent basis and also seek a competitive edge in building stronger relationships with new or preexisting clients or supporters.


How long does it take for my membership and its services to be launched?

A: The timeframe is greatly contingent upon you and going through our initial information gathering process. However, we do not recommend rushing these services that are connected with your reputation management services. We believe how your information is represented is important.


How do I establish a membership and what’s included?

A: Review our Personal Membership Options and submit an online inquiry form and a representative will contact you with details.


How is credibility transferrable?

A: Each approved GoResearch.Me Membership comes with an online CRR Report account that’s assigned its own unique web address. This is the address you e-mail to your clients, attach to your e-mail signatures, business cards, print materials and presentations.

Can this help me get clients?

A: Unfortunately, there is no guarantee in anything that gets a client. However, GoResearch.Me has been a very effective tool that professionals use to build trust among new and preexisting clients locally and abroad.


Will I have to do this service on my own?

A: No. We have our own process that works with and guides our members throughout the development process from setup to monthly management.


Where is this service available?

A: As we are U.S. based, we service memberships established within the U.S. unless a nomination is received from a preexisting member for consideration of an out of country applicant.


How much does this service cost?

A: Review our Personal Membership Options and submit an online inquiry form and a representative will contact you with details.


How does this compare to putting information about myself on social media?

A: We assume that information has already been distributed by you about yourself. However, this would be considered first-party. As we are a third party, our emphasis and purpose is different compared to your website or social media network. We are dedicated to dynamic and targeted research about you as an individual and the depth of your reputation verses a social media community with sporadic social content. We also use a multilayered process in how we represent your credibility.


Can you help get rid of negative information about me on the internet?

A: No. That is a different type of reputation management service that can be very costly depending on the level of the issue that’s impacting your reputation. However, having a third-party service that is developing a specific research platform dedicated to your reputation can help counteract preexisting information that’s seen across the internet. As with anything, it’s best to get in front of any negative information as soon as possible and proactively share key information with your new and preexisting clients or supporters.


How accessible the research about your credibility is just as important as the credibility itself.


GoResearch.Me offers wonderful services for professionals. We all know that people work with people they like and this platform set us up to professionally present ourselves and let our full personality shine through to our potential clients. First, we had planning consultations to really talk about our services and how a research platform can set us apart when we present to others. Then we spoke about how to use this for business development and reaching out to people who are looking for professionals in my field.  This was a one on one service.


Erin B, Real Estate Agent

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