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  • Lead with confidence

  • Unify your team

  • Get outside of your comfort zone

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Bob was selected to host several episodes of GoResearch.Me's PLUG TV series. This series aired throughout the Virginia and North Carolina market. 

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All Videos
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Bob Pizzini Sizzle v3

Bob Pizzini Sizzle v3

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Better Health & Better Business | PLUG TV

Better Health & Better Business | PLUG TV

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Taking The Big Opportunities With Bob Pizzini • GoResearch.Me PLUG TV

Taking The Big Opportunities With Bob Pizzini • GoResearch.Me PLUG TV

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Your Natural Rhythm

Your Natural Rhythm

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The Evolution of Leadership

  • Without a leadership continuum you will become less relevant


  • Through experience, education, and training your competency as a leader will advance and evolve


  • Elevate your leadership with strategies learned and developed during my career with Navy EOD and

      success in the private sector


  • Compare military and business decision-making processes to provide you with a fresh perspective,

      confidence and competence


  • Enable growth for you, your team, your business, your company, and beyond


  • I am energized and ready to share my education, training, and most importantly, my experience with leaders and emerging leaders

The Art and Science of leadership

What type of leader are you? Do you recognize and take advantage of leadership opportunities? Is Leadership an art or a science? Bob walks you through both the art and science of being a leader. He breaks down these concepts into easy to understand components giving you a clear understanding of how you can continually evolve as a leader. The best Leaders are always learning and improving. You will define leadership styles and know which blend of leadership types you should be in a variety of situations, and what tools you can bring to bear in those situations. He will discuss often overlooked items such as health and fitness, celebrating the wins, performance versus behavior, risk and reward, leadership versus management, voice versus vote, and of course communicating as a leader. You will immediately confront the challenges of leadership with the greater confidence.

Build and Lead a High Performing Team

Have you ever been in an organization where you did not understand who did what? Or, after many years you finally discovered what that title meant, or who was responsible for key tasks. Bob discusses the importance of organizational structure and your understanding of it. You just may discover your organization is not optimally aligned, and that a few simple moves will increase profitability and reduce waste. Just like the three levels of warfare, Bob discusses the three levels of business and how to ensure the right people are doing the right things. From marketing to budgeting to recruiting and innovating, a thorough understanding of your organization will improve your effectiveness as a leader, or an emerging leader.

Precision Execution-Getting It Right Everytime

Do you have enough information to make tough decisions? Do you need to decide now? What process do you use to prioritize? Some decisions are easy and of low consequence. Others can have lifelong impact in good or bad ways. Bob shows you the processes he used in his military and business careers that resulted in success on the battlefield and the boardroom. Bob shows you a variety of decision-making tools and processes to give you great confidence in the decisions you have made, and have yet to make. Decisive leaders are followed and respected.


Stay connected with Bob Pizzini, updates and special projects on Linkedin.  

Book Your Experience

A Coastal Virginia Destination

Bob can also customize your experience based on the specific needs of your organization.  From a four hour workshop to a multi-day retreat, Bob and his team are well equipped to take you and your team on a journey that incorporates his past and present day experiences from a junior enlisted Navy Diver and Explosives Technician to the leader of a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

The experience takes place in the boardroom of iFLY Virginia Beach Indoor Skydiving. After the discussion, you will take flight in iFLY Va Beach’s state of the art facility. You will immediately begin to apply the principles from the board room discussions and feel the freedom of flight by leading yourself and others through the experience of human body flight. I can also deliver these reinvigorating leadership round tables at 34 iFLY locations across our great country, or I can visit you at any location of your choice.

Get Started


For more information or to begin the booking process please complete this online inquiry form. Please provide all the information requested so we may best serve your needs. Misty will contact you to review your request and booking options. Thank you.

1    Leadership Workshop


This full day experience for up to 10 people focuses on the art and science of leadership. Discussions include the various definitions of leadership, leadership styles, types of authority, traits, tools, mental and physical fitness. In addition to discussing your current leadership organization, Bob will share his experiences both as a leader and as one who has been led. You will leave with a keen awareness of your current and future role as a leader and immediately apply what you have learned.  Lunch is included with this event.

2   Leadership Seminar


This two day experience for up to 10 people includes everything in the Leadership Workshop plus Bob’s tried and true method for building and leading a high performing team.  Highly influential leaders have a detailed understanding of the three levels of business structure within their organizations, allowing them to lead effectively inside and outside of their business. They lead, delegate, and hold accountable based on the organizational alignment. The seminar also includes a great discussion on decision making using a variation of the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) that Bob applies to his business models resulting in the fastest route to the greatest profitability.  Lunch is included and an optional dinner and whiskey tasting at Tarnished Truth Distillery is a great way to celebrate your team’s success after the seminar.

3   Leadership Retreat 
        (A three day experience incorporating two
        additional speakers. Visit for
        more information.)

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