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The Pro Associates 

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The Pro Associates 


about tpa

My name is Dr. Yardan W. Shabazz, and I am the CEO of The Pro Associates. I have spent more than two decades preparing high school, college, and professional athletes for all public-related contacts.

One commonality shared by every professional is the need to be able to administer presentations in a professional manner. Professionals, teachers, athletes, and students aim to raise their stock through professional learning opportunities, and my firm's services addresses those needs. Professionals benefit from learning the ability to own a room in an executive or corporate setting. Teachers excel after picking up the tools to help them properly manage any type of classroom setting. A large number of professional athletes seek jobs in the broadcast booth after retiring, but only 5% land those positions. Our programs assist them with landing those jobs. Lastly, students who enroll in our courses are introduced to professional development modules that range from public speaking tips to interviewing skills. 


I use my experience as a certified public speaking coach, game announcer, and professor to train those who are interested in raising the level of their abilities. 



A professional athlete's career achievements on the court or field have no bearings on his or her success as a sports analyst or broadcaster. Effective voice technique skills, speech delivery, and camera presence are deciding factors for just how successful a pro athlete can be post playing days

Sports make up the backbone of American culture. Thousands of professional athletes of all backgrounds work in major sports leagues. The majority of pro athletes experience the height of their athletic prime in their younger years. Most retire from their jobs between 30-40 years of age. This is extremely young compared to those of us in non-sporting careers.


Highly successful professional athletes who become household names have a better chance to capitalize on name recognition. Hence, they possess a much better opportunity at landing post-career work as analysts, broadcasters, and reporters. This leaves hundreds of pro athletes who may not possess the same type of brand equity with less options. In other words, the same doors are not open to them. Therefore, professional development services will benefit pro athletes, especially those who retire or are forced to retire.

The Pro Associates provides professional development services for the career-oriented athlete. The services are tailor-made for the pro player who is willing to invest in career transition. TPA is a resource they can access to help with the necessary preparation.

Our professional development services offer 3 tiers of delivery:


*Online Sports Analyst Academy

*Face-to-face coaching

*Public Speaking Bootcamp



Students on a career track to work in the sports industry have more options than ever before. Athletes are not the only ones earning roles on sports teams. The Pro Associates encourages students of all backgrounds to learn more about careers involving the business end of sports. 

The Pro Associates introduces students to the expanding career options in sports business—a $250 billion-a-year industry that is rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing enterprises in the world. Our team of sports agents, instructors, and professional athletes provide a behind-the-scenes look at the sports industry to explore how events on the court, field, and the front office, are linked to executive meetings, advertising, and player movement.

Our professional development services offer 3 tiers of delivery:

*Sports Management Academy (Both Online and On-Campus)

*Media Training for Student Athletes


Strengthen knowledge, skills, and leadership with research-informed professional development from The Pro Associates. View all of our services to discover high-quality solutions for those engaged in secondary education and higher education fields.


Professional development refers to the different types of educational experiences related to a person's work. Bank managers, accountants, doctors, educators, lawyers, engineers, athletes, and people in a large variety of businesses and professions invest in professional development to learn and apply new skills and knowledge that will improve their job performance. 


Most career fields require individuals to participate in ongoing learning approved by the profession, often as a requirement for staying employed. Professionals often invest in educational experiences, seeking new skills in order to increase personal market value.   


Our professional development services offer 3 tiers of delivery:


*Workshops, academies, and conferences

*Face-to-face coaching

*Videos and Courses





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