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Dr. Perry L. Austin

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Leadership Coach •

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Dr. Perry L. Austin is a Veteran of the United States Army and a native of Bridgeport, Conn has over 20 years of experience in small business, community awareness, leadership, spiritual & personal development.

As a true entrepreneur and small business owner Dr. Austin started out as an authorized Dell dealer in which he earned his company $100,000 in the first year.   He also owned a small business consulting firm, named AE Consultants. which mission was to develop productive teams in the marketplace by educating leaders to focus on being relational rather than transactional in their business practices. 

Dr. Austin has served on many community boards as a voice for the people. Serving with the NAACP, WIB (Work Investment Board) and The Life of Christ Foundation of New Jersey. To include being an advisor on the medical board for Bryant and Stratton College. He also served on the board of the Virginia Housing Community and Development Corporation as economic development chairman. Presently he is serving the Christian Business Coalition of Hampton Roads Virginia as their Chaplain. 

Currently Dr. Austin is the founder and Chief Spiritual Officer of Leverage Academy of Leadership and Business. A non-profit 501(c)(3) leadership and business coaching academy. The vision is to recruit and develop the next generation of entrepreneurs’ and future leaders either traditional and/or non-traditional. Its mission is to develop future leaders and business owners who will make an impact within the culture of our communities and their core values. 

Dr. Austin has earned two bachelor’s degrees one from the University of Maryland with a degree in Communications. An a degree in Project Management with a minor in mobile technology from ITT Tech.  
Dr. Austin also received an Honorary Doctrine in Christian Leadership from Rodney Jackson International Bible College & Seminary – a fully Accredited School of Theology in El Paso Texas.

Dr. Perry L. Austin is one of a kind! His ability to see the unseen and develop people in their gifting is incredible. He has the ability to coach, inspire, increase, celebrate, motivate to move his clients/students into another dimension of their life. He moves at a speed that is necessary to the individual as well as the groups of people he trains. His motto is to “Learn It, Live It, Lead It”.




Dr. Austin is a family man, and one of Perry’s greatest accomplishments is being married to his lovely and awesome wife Kimberly of 24 years & their children. They have 6 children Shante’, India, Shelby, Isaac, Devaughn, Lorenzo and five grandchildren, Zoey, Samonte’, Gianni, Nola and Everett Jr.


Loving to help people to see the unseen and developing in their purpose and gifting. Inspiring people by coaching and motivating those who want to cooperate and to move into another dimension of their life.


Loving to serve God’s People to do better because they know better.


Chief Spiritual Officer
Leverage Academy of Leadership
and Business
2016 - present

• To develop to discover one’s gifts and passions and discern where they intersect the
   world’s needs.


To develop one’s inner self through reflection so that one can relate with authenticity,
   empathy, and compassion to others in one’s community. 

• To develop students/clients to follow a well-grounded moral compass, even when 
   doing so puts one at risk.

• Helping students/clients to uphold human dignity and pursue justice with courage,
   even in the face of societal pressures and obstacles. Capacity to Hope.

• To develop the ability to see more deeply and to move beyond conventional and
   polarizing thinking.

• At the present time I am a disabled veteran and Pastor for WGMI Church

WGMI Church

AE Consultants
March 2002 - present

• A marketing catalyst in presenting strategic concepts and precepts to the masses
   thru internet conferencing/teleconference.

• Presenting marketing systems and business models that will increase revenue of
   the organization.

• Liaising and networking products and services to customers, colleagues and

• Introduce services in the communication industries that will increase productivity
   and credibility for the small business owner.


Dr. Austin has enjoyed working in the community and has served on several boards over the past 20 years: Currently he serves on the Virginia Housing Community and Development Corporation as Economic Development Chairman. He also served with the Work Investment Boards (formerly The Private Industry Council) Atlantic/Cape May County N.J.; The Life of Christ Foundation; and is a former Executive Committee member for the Cape May County Branch National Association for the Advancement of Color People. (N.A.A.C.P.)  He was the Economic Development Chairman for the N.A.A.C.P for four years. Also, he served on the Medical Advisory board of Bryant & Stratton College in Virginia Beach, Virginia from 2006-07 and now 2016-2018. Dr Austin currently serves as a board member for the Christian Business Coalition of Hampton Roads Virginia 2015 to present.


"Perry is a keen decision-maker and looks at long-term goals. He also has a strong sense of confidence with a charming attitude. I find him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all tasks with dedication and a smile. Perry is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits."

Henry James Banayat
IT Educator, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Evangelist
Mentor and Angel Investor


"Mr. Austin is very intelligent and can articulate very well. He is in my opinion "top-notch" when it comes to business. His business ethics exceeds my expectation. His charisma is what keeps him before his clients and other people because he has the heart of the people in his heart. It is with great pleasure that I offer this written recommendation for Mr. Austin." 

Shelia Marble
Executive Director at Just Us Kids Inc

Liaison for Brightcross Ministries

See Website:  


Serving 100 Families for Chesapeake Crossing a 55-year-old community who was part of a terrible fire 2017/ We feed 100 families once a month to help offset the need of food rather than paying for medicine.


• Founder W.O.W. Gospel Ministries Intl. Inc.
   (Non-Profit Organization)
   2007 - Present

• Founder Leverage Academy of Leadership
   (Non-Profit Organization)
   2016 - Present




• Bachelor of Science: Project Management
   ITT-Technical Institute, Norfolk Virginia
   Completed the following classes:

• Project Management Tool & Techniques
• Project Cost & Budget Management
• Project Quality Management Procurement & Contract Management
• Project Risk Management
• Project Management Team Building
• Management of Global Projects
• Quantitative Analysis
• MS Project and PowerPoint knowledge
• MS Word and Excel knowledge

• Bachelor of Science: Communication 
   University of Maryland 89’

• Associate of Applied Science: Mobile Technology 
   ITT-Technical Institute 

   Norfolk Virginia (April 2013) - GPA 3.68

• Honorary Doctrate Christian Leadership
   Rodney Jackson International Bible College & Seminary
   (Fully Accredited School of Theology in El Paso Texas)


• Former Board Member
   Virginia Housing Community & Development Corporation
   2014 – 2016

• Former Medical Advisory Board Member
   Bryant & Stratton College ‍‍
   2006 – 2007

• Board Member
  Christian Business Coalition of Hampton Roads
  (Non -Profit Organization)
  2016 - Present


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