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Step One: When you refer a customer to apply for services with us, you'll receive an initial bonus payment. 

Step Two: You'll receive another bonus payment if your referral applies for services, gets approved and chooses to get the service. 

Please Note: Only individuals that are invited to register will be accepted at this time. Thank you.

Moy.Capital Updates

Creating a powerful future.

In today’s world, the common goal of most people is to work hard and to earn money to provide a certain lifestyle for themselves and their families.  However, people are so busy with their day to day activities and they lose sight of how to leverage their hard earned money and to manage it efficiently.  Moy Capital is your partner in working alongside with you in helping you to become more efficient in managing your capital, money, and assets.  We simplify the financial planning process with unique approach so that it is easy for you to understand as well as easy to implement.

Moy Capital helps you (individual, family, or business owner) with a unique approach to protect your income due to illness, injury or even premature death, to safeguard your assets from any lawsuits, and to accumulate your savings for retirement.




1.) Lack of Life Insurance

I in 3 families admits that a financial disaster would happen within a month if the primary breadwinner is suddenly passed away.  For the people who already have a life policy, 1 in 5 families admits that they don’t carry enough life insurance to provide their family with a secured financial future.            

Life insurance is the foundation of financial planning.  It covers the human life capital value of your ability to earn an income which provides the lifestyle you desire for your family.  Life Insurance is the only product that guarantees what you want to happen will happen, even when you are not here to see it happen.  Life insurance provides money for your family to continue to live the same lifestyle and prevents them from facing any financial difficulty and burden.

2.) Lack of Disability Insurance

What will happen if you become sick or injured and cannot work?  Where will your paycheck come from to pay for mortgage/ rent or household expenses?  According to Life Happens survey, 7 out of 10 working people will have financial difficulties to meet the end meet within a month.  1 out of 4 people would experience financial burden immediately.

The disability insurance is also called “Paycheck Insurance”.  It makes sure that if you are unable to work due to illness or injury, you will continue to receive an income until you can return back to work. You insure your house and your car, why wouldn’t you want to protect your paycheck when you cannot work.

3.) Lack of Retirement Saving

Only 58% of people are actively saving for retirement.  It means that 42% are not putting money for retirement.  48% of people have less than $10,000 saved for retirement. One in 10 people is saving 15% or more of their monthly income toward retirement.  Most people spend more time in planning their vacation than their retirement.  How much time have you spent in planning your longest vacation…your retirement?

Most people are not saving early in life for retirement.  It can create serious financial problems later in life during the retirement years. One of the greatest fears of an individual is to live too long and run out of money.  If you are at age 71, you will live till 85 or longer, living to age 100 is not uncommon anymore.  A majority of people are learning about retirement by word of mouth from their family, friends or coworkers.  If retirement planning is important, wouldn’t you like to learn it from a professional instead?

1.) Lack of a Written Financial Plan

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, 20% of business owners failed in the first year, 50% failed in first 5 years.  Sadly, only 1/3 survives in first 10 years.  With the right planning, it increases its chance of successful rate.  Financial challenges are one of the reasons why a business can succeed or fail.

Creating a Business Plan with Financial Plan is important to success for business owners.  The Financial Plan includes the projected Profit & Loss Statement for the next 3-5 years and a Cash Flow Statement.  A Balance Sheet with a Break-Even Analysis is being included as well.  The written Financial Plan will help you to make your financial goals clear. The Financial Plan will guide you if you are on track based on your projections of your income and expenses.  It will help you to identify problems and develop strategies to provide solutions. 

2.) Lack of Risk Management & Insurance Planning

When you start a business, please make sure you do not set-up as Sole-Proprietorship.  When you are set up as a Sole-Proprietorship, your creditors can go after your business assets as well as your personal assets. You should always set up the business entity as Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership (LLC) , S Corporation or C Corporation so that you are only limited the liability up to the worth of the business and your personal assets will not be liable related to any lawsuits.


General Liability or Professional Liability coverage will protect you when you are being sued due to negligence.  As your business grows and your business assets increase, you may want to add Commercial Umbrella coverage to give you extra liability protection from your basic liability coverage. 
(Please note:  Cash value from life insurance policy and retirement savings are protected from the creditors.  That is a good reason to diversify your portfolio and allocate some of your capital in these Asset classes.)


3.) Lack of Tax Planning

One of biggest complaints from business owner is that they are paying too much taxes, especially when the business is profitable.  Once you paid your taxes, that money is gone forever.    


There are 3 different buckets of money: taxable income, tax-deferred income, and tax-advantage income.  That is why it is important to have a plan in place of how to reduce, minimize, or eliminate taxes whatever applies to your business.  One example is to set up a retirement plan for both the employer and employees that it would lower taxable income as well as to accumulate tax-deferred income for retirement. But there are many other tax strategies; you should explore them to lower your taxes.





“Petula Moy stood out among others in her profession.  Petula’s commitment to quality service and extraordinary efforts in ensuring the ultimate success of our business is truly amazing.  She took great pride to research and seeks the best policy within our budget as well as to meet or exceed all expectation for our corporate requirements. 

Richard Wong
Gourmet Supreme, Inc. DBA: Kung Pao Wok


Getting starting is easy. Simply complete an online information request form and representative will contact you to review your financial options. The information we collect will be used to build your custom financial portfolio. Building and protecting your wealth begins with the right products from the right guidance.



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