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Our visions is to see communities, businesses and nations enhance their prosperity so people can live healthy and fulfilling lives.



A history of growth

Kitch International Ltd was originally established in the UK in 1996 as Kitch Ltd. In 2008 the company moved its base of operations to the Caribbean where it operated until it relocated back to the UK in 2020 and changed its name to Kitch International Ltd. Kitch International Limited operates internationally with clients from across the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and Latin America, and brings a unique approach to their work with the private sector, public sector and with leaders.

For over 20 years Kitch has successfully delivered performance improvement and sustainable change that has enhanced their client’s competitiveness and facilitated sustainable economic development.

 A Global Global Client Base 

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About This Brand

Kitch Consulting is dedicated to helping leaders and their teams develop and execute innovative strategies that transform their organisation to meet the challenges of today’s world and deliver sustainable results.

For the past 10 years Kitch Consulting has demonstrated success in partnering with its global clients to deliver Business Transformation and Organisational Design and Development projects using its tried and tested model of organisational change. Kitch Consulting has a wide network of associates from across the globe and is able to deploy teams that not only fit the client’s technical requirements but also the culture of the organisation and the country its operating in.


Recent Projects


As the Director, Business Development for Asuwish Inc. we contracted Kitch to provide strategic guidance in developing a new business model to adapt and capitalize on changing market and economic conditions in the Travel and Tourism Industry. 

I was very impressed with Felicia’s depth of knowledge, professionalism and innovative thinking while taking us through effective strategy planning sessions that led to the implementation of a new organizational structure. The new structure enabled us optimize our operating costs and increase our average revenue per sale.

2017 - May 2020 

Government of the British Virgin Islands, Island - funded by U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) 

Developed the Government’s Public Sector Transformation Strategy and supported execution through the Public Sector Transformation Programme.


2016 - 2017

Government of Turks and Caicos Islands, Turks & Caicos Islands - funded by the European Union

Revised the Government’s Business Transformation Programme and supported successful delivery of over 10 projects aimed at enabling Government to deliver a better business climate to support private sector led growth.


2014 - 2016 

Government of Montserrat, Montserrat - funded by Department of U.K. Aid Revised the Government of Montserrat’s Public Sector Reform Programme (PSRP).Dispersed the budget of 3.1M through service delivery within the specified time. The programme was placed on a Performance Improvement Programme as t was failing and within 12 months following Kitch Consulting’s assignment to the Programme the an AA rating was achieved, the highest rating there is by DFID.


Additionally, at the commencement of Kitch Consulting’s involvement the Programme had been in operation for 3 years and had only dispersed under 30%, thereafter the Programme dispersed 100% of the remaining 70% of budget in the delivery of programmes within 2 years.


Director, Business Development
Asuwish Inc.

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Tier Coaching

About This Brand


Kitch 5-Tier Coaching helps organisations solve todays challenges and deliver results by helping leaders break limiting mindsets and empowering teams so they can operate in a fundamentally different way.

Unlike traditional one-to-one coaching that focuses exclusively on the perspective of the individual being coached, excluding the wider system in which they operate. Kitch 5 Tier Coaching uses a system wide approach which incorporates 5 Tiers from Tier 1: Foundation (Individual’s perspective) through to Tier 5: Tactical (Stakeholder perspective).

Felicia worked with me and my team facilitating both 1:1 coaching and team coaching workshops.

It caused me to look introspectively and discover what others, direct reports or peers, see is not always what you think you look like. Changing behaviours became easier when the light was turned on.

Tier 1: Foundation

Tier 2: Strategic

Tier 3: Culture

Tier 4: Tactical

Tier 5: Change

Ansa McCall Group

Kitch 5 Tier Coaching not only coaches the individual leader but the whole team over a period of time using this system wide approach.  Their team coaching goes beyond improving team dynamics, or even developing a high performing team – instead, it enables teams to create value for all their stakeholders.


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