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Join professionals working to make a different in a region of over 1.4 million people.

Attracting professionals invested in creating change.

Working to give a voice to the slient leaders of today.

Working to bring to people everyday together.



becoming a part of 

of an organization that is focused on making a difference in the Coastal Virginia region.


See what events are coming up that you can be a part of.

What's Coming Up:

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To integrate Asian and Non-Asian Professionals and Leaders to influence the community by supporting and engaging with multiple cultures.

To collaborate with Asian, non-Asian Professionals and Leaders to influence Diversity & Inclusion through CIVIC involvements.


Select 4-5 Asian professional and leaders as initial members and will add non-Asian professionals and leaders after the core group is being developed.

Expectations of members:

o Have a passion to improve having a voice to promote Boardroom Diversity. 

o Have a strong commitment to lead the team to influence the CIVIC community. 

o To promote and improve competitive advantage of all minority groups. 

o To commit to be a social activist. 

o To show initiatives to be a problem solver. 

o To actively participate in CIVIC engagements and meetings. 

o To attend committee meeting with innovative ideas and insights.

Time Commitment:

o Monthly Meeting for 1.5 hours. 

o Require to attend at least 10 meetings per year (at least 15 hours, max 18 hours) 

o Attend CIVIC events at least once quarterly (2 hours X 4 = 8 hours). 

o Research and prepare for specific “Diversity & Inclusion” topic of discussion (1-2 hours each topic). 

o Lead a presentation at a CIVIC meeting (preparation time: 2-3 hours)




Develop diversity leadership through CIVIC involvements


Build network with CIVIC leaders and professionals

Provide your professional service to other members

Receive a complimentary financial planning review

GoResearch.Me Personal Membership Account Setup (Basic)

GoResearch.Me reputation management services

GoResearch.Me ID Cards



Stay up to date with what's happening with the Asian American Alliance. Recieve updates on events, speacial functions, and membership offers. 


Join professionals working to make a different in a region of over 1.4 million people.

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