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We help people to start and grow their nonprofit organization so they can spend more time growing their passion.
is made simple b‍‍y having the core essentials.
Starting a nonprofit
We take the time to help you develop a plan that establishes your nonprofit.
We provide ongoing support to you or your team that gets you up and running.
We implement each step of the plan to get your nonprofit up and out to the public.
What you should know.
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prevent roadblocks..‍.
Nonprofits face growing challenges like never before. These challenges not only prevent an organization from moving forward, but can limit support to communities in need locally and abroad.
• Short Staff
• Lack of Experience
• Unmotivated Volunteers
• Limited Volunteer Participation
• No Marketing Plan
• Unclear Mission
• Limited Programs
• Low Program Participation
• Limited Sponsorship Programs
• Low Funds
• Lack of Sponsorship Support
• Inadequate Planning
• Oversaturation
• Public Relations
From years of working in government and the educational system, organizational and small business development is the foundation of our economy. Don't let your ideas to impact the business world or change the community go undeveloped. Follow your passion and create something that will leave a mark.

All concepts need a start. At Core Development you will do more than just start, but launch into your new organization or business. We look forward to working with you.
Russ Haddad
Founder & CEO
T‍‍he ‍Core Development Company

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Nonprofit Formation

Making a difference. That’s what it’s all about. You want to be able to contribute to a better society through your daily work. Core Development helps develop your passion from start to finish. From discovering your vision and mission to realizing your goals, Core Development collaborates with you to establish and sustain a nonprofit organization.
Grant Administration

You want to be able to continue to serve people and help make their lives better. But money is scarce, and everyone is fighting for an even smaller piece of the pie. Core Development walks you through the grant process from start to finish. Plan, progress, and fulfill your passions through an iterative process aimed at continuous improvement of grant submissions.
Public Affairs Coordination

You want to serve more people, but your message isn’t getting through. You’re not even sure your message is effective. And that’s what is impeding your ability to reach the people you’d like to help. Core Development guides you to determine who your audience is, what you should be saying to them, and identify the right platforms to amplify that message through the Scrum project management framework.
Small Business Setup

Starting a business is more than coming up with an idea and opening the doors. It takes time, effort and planning to make your dream come true. No one can do it alone. Core Development helps individuals develop a sound plan that includes all the aspects of a successful business. From marketing to financing to product development, Core Development identifies the strengths and possible avenues to fortify weaknesses of those seeking to start a business.
U.S. 1.252.548.6606  |  E-mail Support
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