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Jason Head has been providing legal insight and business expertise since 2001. He is admitted to both the Virginia Bar and the Texas State Bar, and also proud of his membership to the Fellowship of Ministers and Churches. Having served many people, companies and organizations with legal and business needs, his peers and clients know him to be a high-performing and skilled attorney who genuinely cares about his clients. In addition to being a trusted legal advisor, he is a keen business advisor for executive leadership and senior leadership teams on corporate legal and regulatory matters. His personal mission is to take a genuine interest in his clients, understand their objectives, and meet or exceed their expectations. He seeks to serve as a primary resource and partner in all aspects of his clients’ business growth and development.

Jason Head founded Vision Legal Firm in 2007 and served as Managing Attorney. He directs his firm to work with For Profit Companies and Non-Profit Organizations.  The firm centers on three core areas for their clients: (1) Financial (Debt or Equity Investments with both Public & Private Funds; Cryptocurrencies; and Financial Regulations);  (2) Technology (Launching Technology Initiatives; Intellectual Property Protection & Monetization; and Intellectual Property Regulations); and (3) Growth (Franchising, Mergers & Acquisitions; and Growth Regulations).

Jason Head has been providing exception legal and business services for the past 17 years. He has worked for major franchise, nonprofits, technology and financial companies. Companies such as:  Homestyle Dining, LLC (formerly Metromedia Restaurant Group), Christ for the Nations, Inc., Geeks-on Call, Inc., Christian Broadcast Network, Regent University, Recording Industry Association of America, American Online, Shenandoah Valley National Bank, Roach Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, and Caldwell Banker.




Managing Attorney  
Vision Legal Firm 
Dallas, Texas


May 2007 – Present

• Advise cryptocurrency technology companies on innovative and ground breaking
   blockchain technology, as well as expanding the financial reach of their company and


• Directed firm that specializes in business/corporate law (compliance, security
   acquisition, and business start-up to sale), technology and e-commerce, securities
   (investments, SEC filings, and investor agreements such as private equity placements),
   and intellectual property (licenses/contracts).


• Secured $1.5+ million in collections for business clients in 2008 - 2009.

• Represented a start-up franchisor, with a private placement of investor capital to allow
   company to expand operations, $3.6+ million. Structured alternative finance options for
   franchisees, to generate $500,000+ to the Company.


• Managed firm operations with 30+ employees to provide legal services for franchise,
   technology and all industries.


• Improved, streamlined and implemented processes and systems for multiple clients.
   Reduced costs.


• Established personalized service for small firm. Included expertise and resources of a
   larger presence.

• Managed sales department and all legal and human resource matters for international


• Architected new business development by building online lead generation system to
   increase sales to new franchisees.


• Increased sales with by managing ground approach for conventions and franchise


• Established strategic communication process to improved public image for restaurant
   brands. Authored all promotional and marketing collateral.


• Directed contract development and negotiations including Franchise Disclosure
   Documents for large multistage franchise operations.


• Served as single point of contact during SEC – SPAC acquisition. Managed due
   diligence and purchase agreement covering all representatives, warranties and
   required schedules.

General Counsel & Ex. Vice President
Homestyle Dining
Dallas, Texas


December 01, 2014 – July 14, 2017

General Counsel 
Christ For The Nations, Inc.
Dallas, Texas  

October 15, 2012 – January 01, 2015

• Directed corporate strategic and tactical legal/business initiatives. Included
   monetization strategies on intellectual property (IP), license agreements on IP portfolio,
   and publishing opportunities to the educational marketplace.


• Increased revenue by managing online education launch with fully integrated learning
   management system. Impacted more students with phenomenal education experience.


• Served as key legal advisor for nonprofit's President/CEO, CFO, COO and Board of


• Negotiated and drafted all contracts with outside vendors. Participate in definition of
   corporate policies, procedures and programs.


• Managed outside legal professionals on all aspect affects, including litigation.



• Associate Degree in Theology | Christ for the Nations Institute
• Bachelor of Science in Business | Centenary College of Louisiana
• Juris Doctorate in Law | Regent University

• 17 Years Practicing Attorney


• Strategic Planning    
• Revenue Generation    
• New Business Development  
• Negotiation

• Franchise Industry  
• Technology Business
• Intellectual Property  
• Financial Corporations  

• Securities
• Mergers/Acquisitions
• Cryptocurrency


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