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I am a native of the Bronx, NY.  I attended New York City Public Schools 23, 50 (for Intellectually Gifted Children), Junior High School 44, and DeWitt Clinton High School. After HS graduation, I was hired as bank teller with Manufacturers Hanover Trust Bank in Manhattan.  At age 19 I moved into my own apartment in the Bronx and lived there until joining the US Navy at age 21.

I qualified for the Navy’s accelerated advancement program and I served my country on active duty for 18yrs, attaining the rank of Radioman Chief Petty Officer (E-7). I was stationed aboard three ships (USS Nassau, USS Sphinx, USS McCandless) and 2 shore stations (Naval Communications Master Station Atlantic, Norfolk VA (2 tours) and Naval Communications Station Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico).

I married my wife, Joyce, while on active duty in 1981. We have 3 children, 4 grandchildren and a host of godchildren and extended family and friends all over the country.

Since military service I have worked with MCI Communications of Cary, NC, Divicom Inc. of Milpitas/Sunnyvale, CA, and Harmonic Inc. of San Jose, CA. All of my positions have been technical and/or management oriented.

I have always volunteered in the community in some capacity. I’ve been involved in the Special Olympics, community recreational and elementary school student sporting activities. I currently serve in numerous ministry positions caring for others in times of need as a licensed minister of the gospel. I support several community and cultural organizations and can be found at the voting polls for all election cycles.

I have learned the value of relationships and unselfish hard work. I am currently channeling those skills into an entrepreneurial channel as I undertake the role of an independent insurance advisor.




Equal and fair treatment of others both intra- and inter-culturally. I have seen a few facets of life and I have yet to understand the consistent mistreatment of others for “traditional” reasons and the withholding of the benefit of the doubt before all evidence is presented. Prejudging and virtual execution never bodes well for the defendant, especially if he or she is innocent or under otherwise mitigating circumstances.


The light of education vice the darkness of ignorance is what I seek for myself and others. I shy away from entertainment and seek spiritual or governmental guidance from  the media in any and all forms. Podcasts, webinars, documentaries, etc. I share these sources of information with my family, friends and associates to prick consciousness and provoke conversation.


I seek clean and peaceful surroundings and I love to travel. Love going new places and meeting new people.Can’t do unnecessary drama. We will love and/or respect each other for the duration, and if conflict should arise, we will resolve it and keep it moving in a positive direction.


Database Manager/Global Trainer 

May 2010 - Present

Responsible for the management of the Digital Video Content Streaming License
   database in support of a global customer base.

Act as liaison between Product Marketing/Sales/Sales Engineering/Field
   Engineering/Customer Support and customers in the resolution of license related

Coordinate and present live, in-depth webinar training for customer organizations

Provide Tier2 escalation support for the internal Customer Support organization

Generate and deliver Labor and Expense Service Completion Notices for customer
   concurrence prior to internal handoff for actual invoicing.

Project Manager 

2005 - 2009

Responsible for the coordination and successful completion of major projects and
   custom service obligations.

Interacted with various internal departments, customer hierarchies, and 3rd party
   vendors to set expectations, facilitate resource/equipment availability and site access,
   and provide project status updates.

Generated revenues of $5M, $8.6M, and $13M respectively in 2006-2008

Field Engineering Supervisor 

2000 - 2005

Responsible for managing and providing post-sales customer and internal
   engineering support in North and South America and the Caribbean, utilizing a 
   geographically diverse workforce.

Served as escalation point for field-related difficult issues.

Customer satisfaction was managed to a high degree to facilitate future sales in
   increased revenues.

• Augmented field engineering efforts in Europe/Middle East/Africa on several

• Experienced zero workforce attrition in spite of 3 rounds of corporate layoffs


Mount Lebanon Global Fellowship of Churches

See Website:

Community work is currently done through Mount Lebanon Global Fellowship of Churches. Our vision is to provide a nurturing Christian environment where the believer can embrace the Eternal God, engage their call from God, be equipped for ministry, and employ their gifts in the vineyard.Under the leadership of Bishop Kim W. Brown, The Mount is a dynamic, vibrant, and growing entity with deep community roots. The benevolence of the congregation is unparalleled. It allows for major community outreach activities, i.e., professionally sponsored business huddles to promote entrepreneurship, holiday giveaways of over 400 Thanksgiving meals and hundreds of bicycles at Christmas, and much more.


Hampton Roads Regional Jail      
Volunteer Certificate of Appreciation
Oct 2017

Disney Cruise Lines    
Certificate of Course Completion “Discovering Disney Cruise Lines”
Jan 2017

Mount Lebanon Baptist Church    
Commissioned service as a Circle of Light torchbearer
April 2007 and April 2016

Virginia State Bureau of Insurance    
Certificate of Qualification to Sell Life and Health Insurance
March 2015

Mount Lebanon Baptist Church    
Licensed to Minister the Gospel

U.S. Special Olympics    
Certificate of Appreciation
Oct 1994

U.S. Naval Station Roosevelt Roads PR    
Certificate of Appreciation “U.S. Naval Station Computer Lab Instructor
April 1992



•Strayer University - Chesapeake, VA (3.6 GPA)  

• St. Leo University - St. Leo, FL, (Associate of Arts)

• Numerous Webinars/Conventions/Trainings for my personal
  skill sets

• DeVry University - Chesapeake, VA
  (credits toward BA, Technical Management)


• Mental Health First Aid (May 2018)

• Amazon Reseller (Feb 2018)

• Hampton Roads Regional Jail Bible Study Facilitator (Sep 2017)

• Licensed Travel Agent (Sep 2016)

• Licensed Life & Health Insurance Agent (Mar 2015)

• US Naval Brig Bible Study Facilitator (Nov 2014)

• Flexera Network License Database Administrator
   (Jan 2013)

• Licensed Minister of the Gospel (May 2009)

• Physical Fitness Coordinator (1990)


• Minister of the Gospel, Preacher/Teacher/Facilitator/
   Counselor/Mentor Live/Webinar Presenter/Trainer

• Digital Marketer

• Financial Services/Life and Health Insurance Strategist

• Travel/Vacation Coordinator

• Media Room Manager

• Physical Fitness Instructor

• Amazon Reseller

• Logistics/Space Utilization Engineer

• Escalation Point for Global Customer Support of Digital Video

Utilize/Familiar with:

Microsoft Office Suite (including Project, Access and Visio), PeopleSoft, Oracle, Sales Force, Net Meeting, WebEx, Zoom, Flexera, Skype, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Marco Polo, FaceTime; Windows, iOS, Android Operating Systems; FTP, Telnet, TCPIP, SQL, DNS Protocols; PC components and peripherals, switches, MPEG/ATM/RF/IP test equipment/system management hardware.


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