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Petula Moy was born and raised in Hong Kong.  At that time, Hong Kong was still a British colony.  The majority of the citizens were Chinese who primarily speaks Cantonese on their daily life interactions. Hong Kong was considered as the Pearl of the Orient.  Hong Kong is one of the major international financial centers in the world but it is a highly competitive environment for any children to grow up in.  She was educated in Chinese literature and Chinese history but also learned English in the school system.

Her journey in America started in 1975 when she was immigrated with her family to America as a teenager. Even though she had learned English in Hong Kong, English is still a second language for her.  She did experience cultural shock because America was not as expected as what she saw in the American movies.  She attended 10th Grade in High School.  English was a language barrier for her.  She had overcome many challenges in life during the early years as an immigrant.  When she decided to go away to college at University of Virginia, she felt it might be a good way to weave into the American culture. After four years, she graduated with BS Degree in Nursing with Distinction.  She worked as registered nurse and also held numerous management positions during her nursing career over 20 years.

One of the highlights of her nursing career was when she cared for the sickest patients in Intensive Care Unit.  These patients are struggling with their life threatening serious medical conditions.  She had comforted the most stressed family members with their loved one’s serious condition and possibility of dying.  She had grown to be strong emotionally for their patients and families.  Sometimes, it was not easy to do.

After Petula returned to graduate school to obtain her Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree from Old Dominion University, she started her second career in business.  She took the great opportunity to apply the Entrepreneurship Program of Farmers Insurance Group. Petula had immediate success with Insurance business and received the District Commercial Agency of Year in the following year.  She continued to excel in the insurance industry.  She developed a large network of strategic partners and center of influence.  She has earned a reputation of being knowledgeable and trustworthy.  She continued to grow her insurance agency.  However, due to family obligation, she had to make a tough decision of selling her agency after 10 years of operations.

When her family obligation was lessened, she was ready to return to the workplace in full capacity.  She chose financial service which provides more resources to her clients.  In financial services, she relates to her clients in a deeper meaningful relationship.   She discusses their personal financial goals and dreams in life.  It’s quite gratifying when she can provide financial solutions to help them achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

She treasured every life stage experience; each career has shaped her character as a compassionate and trustworthy person.  She is fortune that with both her careers that she can help people - with first career, she helped people with their health and now she is helping people with their wealth.  In life, people need both health and wealth to live a quality life.  Today, even though she is very busy with her financial and insurance career, she makes time to give back to the community.  She volunteers for the non-profit organizations to help people who are struggling and less fortunate.  It is important in making a difference in someone’s life.  Be a good steward!




Petula loves to learn.  She continuous to learn something new every day. It is never too old to learn.  She loves to read books and learn from experts. She truly believes in “Leaders are Readers.”  She consistently seeks opportunity to gain knowledge through webinars, workshops, and conferences.


Petula has passion in helping people, adding value and touching lives. She helps her clients to plan, protect, preserve assets for families, and business owners and helps to make a difference in their lives. Being an entrepreneur, she can shape her own business operations so that she can create her own unique and authentic ways to serve her clients.


The Purpose of life is helping those people who are struggling and need help and those who are disadvantage with difficult challenges in life.  She cares about other’s well being.  She loves to work with charity and non-profit organizations to build a better community and make this world a better place to live. She desires to live a Life of Significance!


Moy Financial & Insurance 

CommonWealth Financial Partnership, LLC

2015 - present

Petula operates an Independent financial and insurance firm.  Her primary focus is client-driven and how she can help her clients to fulfill their own goals and dreams in life, how she can help them to make those goals and dreams to become realty, and achieving their very own American Dream.  Her core values are integrity, trust, and respect.

She is a person with honesty and integrity.  She will always look at the best interest of her clients in planning to plan, protect, and create income for family and businesses with the financial products and services ranging from income protection with life insurance to have peace of mind when the unexpected happens.  Helping them to save for education fund so that their children to get a college education to get a better quality of life.  She helps them to save for retirement so that they can retire with dignity without the fear of running out of money.

Petula connects with her clients.  They build trusting relationship.  Confidentiality is one of key components of that trust.  Her clients feel comfortable in sharing with her about their personal financial concerns, stress, and fears.  Because of that trusting open communication, she is able to identify their specific financial situation and to select the best solution to solve their financial problems.

She has the utmost respect for her clients. She works with a diverse group of individuals and businesses. She respects all her clients with dignity and of high importance. She wants to help them to improve their financial quality of life so that they can enjoy the life they deserve to have for them and for their families.

Financial Professional
CommonWealth Planning, LLC

2014 - 2015

Petula had transitioned from insurance to financial services.  She worked as a financial professional in helping clients to provide worry-free financial retirement.  She had only worked there for 5 months when the general agent had to step down due to medical condition.  Three of the financial planners joined together and formed CommonWealth Financial Partnership.

Agency Owner
Farmers Insurance Group

2004 - 2013

Petula had transitioned from insurance to financial services.  She worked as a financial professional in helping clients to provide worry-free financial retirement.  She had only worked there for 5 months when the general agent had to step down due to medical condition.  Three of the financial planners joined together and formed CommonWealth Financial Partnership.


“Petula Moy, Partner of Commonwealth Financial Partnership, stood out among others in her profession.  Petula’s commitment to quality service and extraordinary efforts in ensuring the ultimate success of our business is truly amazing.  She took great pride to research and seeks the best policy within our budget as well as to meet or exceed all expectation for our corporate requirements.I enthusiastically want to give Petula Moy my highest endorsement recommendation for GoResearch.Me.”

- Richard Wong
  President of Gourmet Supreme, Inc.
  DBA: Kung Pao Wok

"Petula Moy is an ultimate professional in everything she does. Her work ethic is beyond approach. She not only runs her own business successfully, she contributes a significant amount of her time and energy to the community through her position as President of the Asian Business Association of Hampton Roads.  ABAHR is lucky to have her."

- Chris Zobel
  Past Executive Director
  Asian Business Association of Hampton Roads 
  Retired Senior Manager of SBA in Hampton Roads

Asian Business Association of Hampton Roads (ABAHR) – VISION 2020
See Website:

Asian Business Association of Hampton Roads (ABAHR) was founded in 2010. It helps Asian businesses to provide networking and education opportunity to grow their business.  ABAHR has launched its new VISION 2020 this year.   ABAHR has expanded it services to help the entire Asian Community using the Holistic Approach. This organization helps the Asian Community especially the first generation of Asian immigrants to be successful in being an entrepreneur operation their business.  It understands one of their barrier is that English as their second language and we would like to help them to overcome such barrier with mentorship and education assistance.  It expanded its program in helping their children and seniors because it recognizes that they have the same language barrier struggles as the Asian business owners.  It plans to work with school systems and to ensure that these children are getting the special attention to excel academically.  It also plans to help the aging parents to access those senior services that are available for them.  ABAHR offers personal and business resources so that the Asian Community can seek information and to receive professional advice.

As one of the Founding Directors and current President, Petula is very excited and proud of ABAHR’s VISION 2020 Plan. This plan is about Visionary Leadership. Its new vision is not only helping the Asian Businesses to prosper but to expand in helping the family of the Asian business owners locally and also the relatives who live aboard. Petula supports ABAHR’s VISION 2020.  It will take a lot of manpower of dedication to promote these projects.  However, ABAHR will make a tremendous difference in building the economic growth of Asian community locally, Hampton Roads regionally, and foreign Asian countries globally. ABAHR also acts as a bridge to connect the Asian businesses with the American businesses to expand economic prosperity to Hampton Roads.


Keynote Speaker
Women Business Center
TCC Virginia Beach Campus 2017

Agent of the Year 2005

Farmers Insurance
District Commercial



• Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree
  Old Dominion University | 2002

• Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  University of Virginia | 1980


• Toastmasters International Competent Communicator
   Certification  2017

• Master Financial Education Volunteer Training
   Certification  2017

• Completion of Government Contracting Workshop
   Certificate 2017

• Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow Certification  
  (LUTCF) | 2015

• Life and Health License | 2004

• Property and Casualty License | 2004


• President-Elect of National Association of  Insurance and  
   Financial Advisors (NAIFA) | 2018

• President of Asian Business Association of Hampton Roads
   (ABAHR) | 2016 - 2018

• Treasurer of Toastmasters International | 2017 - 2018


• Leadership

• Marketing

• Customer Service

• Financial Strategies

• Insurance Planning

• Employee Benefits Planning

• Retirement Planning

• Estate Planning


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