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I was born in East Texas and call Austin, TX my hometown.  Between age 7 and 16, I spent two years in Oak Ridge, TN and eight years in Chicago, IL.  At that point I returned to Austin, TX where I finished high school and enrolled at the University of Texas.  After one year, I received an appointment to the United States Naval Academy from my U. S. Representative.  I graduated, was commissioned and served twenty years as a surface warfare officer.  My duty assignments included four ships primarily serving in the ship’s operations departments.  I served on three major staffs as an intelligence analyst, including a year in the Republic of Vietnam.  Besides attending service schools, I was also an instructor in intelligence and fleet operations.

Upon retirement from naval service, I enrolled in graduate school at Regent University, earning a Masters of Arts Degrees in education administration and in Biblical Studies.  Since graduation, I have worked as an educator in a variety of fields.  I began as an education consultant working in higher education at colleges and universities initiating degree completion curriculum for adults.  Following that experience I worked in professional training and development with the Dale Carnegie Training organization.  After two years assisting a friend in developing his computer services business, I began teaching at the secondary education level, the majority of time as an algebra teacher in ninth grade.  Following retirement from classroom teaching, I have been focused on life transforming coaching working with those seeking to accomplish personal growth and development.

I am married with two children and three grandchildren.




Ever since high school when I completed an assignment to write a creative piece only to have it challenged, I have desired to write.  Writing allows me to express with passion deeply held convictions.  Only last night my grandson, when asked what he was writing, replied to me, “Papa, remember when you said that talents and abilities often skip generations?  Well, I like to write just as you.”  I am working three book projects with the first to be published at the start of the new year.


Ever since I was in school I could picture myself as a teacher.  As a middle schooler I would line up the dining room chairs and hold class for my siblings.  Every position I have held has always had a very important element of training in the execution of my responsibilities.  As a naval officer, the primary mission of each day was the training preparation for operations.  And upon retiring from the armed forces, I have been involved in teaching in some capacity.  In addition to the hands on role of a teacher, I seek to work within the education sphere of our culture to provide the best possible education alternatives.  The very nature of our education enterprise depends on excellence of policy, devotion to learning, and personal development of each student.


Using the expertise developed over fifty years of working with people in a variety of professions, I have created a coaching enterprise to assist others in their personal growth and goal achievement.  Each person develops in three interconnected spheres of life: physical, mental and spiritual.  Whatever our profession each of the three spheres provides the critical components that lead to our success in achieving our goals.  The coaching process seeks to allow each person to develop these core spheres enroute to obtaining the stated goals determined at the beginning of the coaching relationship.


Mathematics Teacher 
Woodrow Wilson High School
Portsmouth City Public Schools Portsmouth, VA | 2004-2013

Primarily taught 9th grade Algebra and softball coach.

Senior Consultant 
Wade Powell and Associates
Hampton Roads, VA | 1996-1999

Recruiting and teaching associate | Dale ‍‍ Carnegie Training

Senior Consultant 
Oosting and Associates
Franklin, TN | 1990-1996

Establishing degree completion programs for adults on college and university campuses throughout the US.


"Tom is a great team player with extensive knowledge in his field of studies both academic as well as being a mentor and role model. Tom has so many superb qualities that if we want to list them all we most likely will run out of room in this note. He is kind, compassionate, sincere and eager to help anybody that reach out to him. His kindness is limitless. He is kind of man that helps the friends and foe no matter what. I can say his flagship is knowledge, integrity and kind. Tom cares about everybody and has devoted his life in being a great leader and support person to people. He also loves sports and enjoys coaching whether is an sporting event or teaching sportsmanship.

I had the privilege of working side by side with Tom for several years in an educational setting which I consider the best years of my career. It is my honor to have been able to provide this feedback regarding an honorable man such as Tom Martin."

- A.Tabeshian, M.A. Ed.

"I have know Tom Martin since the mid 1980s. We attended church and mens fellowship meetings together for many years.We also work out at the same time to maintain as healthy a condition as possible. Tom is also a group leader and provides inspirational messages for all of us. I know Tom as an honest man with integrity.  I highly recommend him." 

- Andrew M. Rankin II
  Captain U.S. Navy (retired)
  Airline Transport Pilot
  Pan American World Airways (retired)

United States Naval Academy Alumni Association | Hampton Roads Chapter
See Website: www.

To serve and support the United States, the naval services, and the Naval Academy and its alumni:

By supporting the missions of the Naval Academy, Naval Academy Alumni Association and the Naval Academy Foundation

By seeking out, informing, encouraging and assisting outstanding, qualified young men and women to pursue careers as officers in the Navy and Marine Corps through the Naval Academy

By supporting midshipmen and their activities

By initiating and sponsoring activities which will perpetuate the history, traditions, and memories of the Navy and Naval Academy that bind alumni together in support of the highest ideals of command, citizenship and government. 


• Navy Achievement Medal for service in the Republic of Vietnam, 1972



• BS, Engineering
   U. S. Naval Academy, 1966

• Certificates for Dale Carnegie
   Training Courses: 1996

• MA, Education
   Regent University, 1990

• Certificate: Life Coach
   Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, 2016

• MA, Biblical Studies
  Regent University, 1990


• Teacher
• Organizational Management
• Coach


• United States Naval Academy Alumni Association 
   Hampton Roads Chapter

   Served as a Member, Board of Directors, Chair, and Governance Committee


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