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Naoma Doriguzzi is a new media consultant to several businesses and organizations nationwide. She coordinates, monitors, and manages their online strategies providing support and ideas in all aspects of their online presence. Naoma Doriguzzi has been in the marketing and branding world since 2005 and in 2009 is when she started her own blogging and social media consulting business full time.

So what did she do before all of this?

She was a successful mortgage consultant for a bank.  The blogging and social media for her mortgage business helped create her new company. The part time passion soon turned into a full time career, and was able to start teaching others what to do to help build their online presence.   ‍‍‍




I have always been a simple person and being passionate about organization, simple and order comes naturally for me.  I love lists!  Learning to live with less and keeping my life as simple as possible keeps me calm. 


Helping and serving others is pretty much a part of my daily life. And as a mother to 2 boys, it is extremely important to help them understand compassion and kindness through volunteering and community service. I am committed to making a difference and being active in the community that I live in.  


I love to cook and bake for others.  There is nothing more personal than preparing and sharing a nice homemade meal in my opinion.  It brings people together and creates a time where you can share a moment and get to know people.  



Success With Technology‍‍
2009 - Present

Offering online services using social media tools and methods to connect you to your prospects, clients, and customers.

Trusted Photographer
2014 - Present

Listed as Google Trusted Photographer with over 51 million photo views as of November 2017

Social Media Director

2013 - 2015

Responsible for social media breaking news coverage & expand WVEC-TV & presence with existing & emerging media platforms. Updated content on variety of digital platforms, including website, social media, and mobile. Weekly Social Media Segment reporting every Saturday morning on Weekends with Joe & Julie from 2011 - 2015 on various social media topics doing reviews and tips for consumers and businesses. Weekly Social Media Segment for business owners on HR Business Weekly in 2015.    


"Naoma Doriguzzi should have her photo and resume beside the term 'Social Media Mogul' (manager) in Wikipedia. I met her as the organizer for a group in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA area concentrating on Electronic and Digital Social Media (networking and business development, marketing, public relations). This woman is a phenomenal fountain of information, and eletronic digital gadgets do not scare her in the least. She is skilled at whipping up instant video clips and posting them on multiple sites (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) in minutes, and can manage social media programs in multiple venues.

Naoma is quite a phenomenal brainiac and I would highly recommend her skills and talent to any future employer or client needing to use her services and skill sets."

- Dawn Boyer, Consultant

“I have attended several of Naoma's social media presentations and instructional meetings. Naoma is very knowledgeable about the entire social media technological platform and how to execute the strategies in the various market spaces. I learned a lot from Naoma and I still go to her You Tube site for reference. I highly recommend Naoma if you are in need of Social Media training and assistance in the execution of the strategies."

- Jim McNees
  VP of Mortgage Lending Guaranteed Rate


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