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Carrie Sanders was born in small New York town seventy miles north of NYC. The daughter of a police officer turned farmer, her first job consisted of tending to alpacas, flinging hay bales and conducting business with a handshake. Now a retired Navy Officer, Carrie puts the experience of farm life and twenty years of military experience to excellent use in all her endeavors in and out of the home.

Carrie is a dedicated Homeschooling mom who puts faith and family first. Whether it is studying botany at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens or bioluminescence while chasing fireflies, she is passionate about making learning fun for her daughters. Working from a family vision board, the Sanders family Matriarch is making her family goals become reality. From her firstborn’s desire to visit Paris to her baby girls’ wish to section hike the Appalachian Trail, Carrie is dedicated to helping others make the most of their precious life.

Continuing a life of service instilled very young, Carrie is passionate about the fight against human trafficking and is the Director of Innovation of the Safe House Project, a 501(c)3 that is dedicated to building and sustaining safe houses across the world.  

A work-from-anywhere entrepreneur in the health and wellness field, Carrie has coached hundreds of people towards their fitness goals. Her clientele has included firefighters, stay-at-home moms, NASA Wallops Island professionals and many others.

Dedicated to her own daily self-improvement and personal growth, Carrie is also committed to helping others become the best versions of themselves. She encourages others to approach life with an open mind and is always ready to take a chance on a new opportunity as long as it aligns her strong values and will broaden smiles. Her passion comes across whether she is speaking to a group of two or two hundred. Overcoming life challenges and never letting an opportunity pass her by has contributed to a diverse career and exciting, unfolding life story.




Presently in the beautiful and significant position of being wife and mother to my husband and daughters is a blessing. My daughters deserve a mother who loves their father well and leads them with intentionality, strength and grace. The example I set will reflect for generations and I intend for my legacy to be an impactful one.


Having struggled for years with my weight and self-image, I took it upon myself to change my own health and well-being so that I can be the example first to my family and then to others on how to live a life of balance. There is so much misinformation about diets and lifestyle. I am passionate about helping quiet the noise and empower others to truly understand the way their body was designed to operate for optimum wellness.


My daughters live a relatively untroubled life, free to explore and grow and play. As a fully aware mom, I cannot sit idly by with the knowledge that approximately ten children a day in our country are lured into sex trafficking where their innocence is stolen and their well-being ignored. Every child deserves a chance to be free and I commit my effort to rescue those in need.


Sanders Champions LLC
AdvoCare Independent Distributors

October 2013 - present

United States Navy

1996 - 2016

General Manager and Director of Operations 
Elite Fit

January 2018 - present


Safe House Project
See Website:

The Safe House Project was officially launched to support of a Safe House in South Africa and other Safe Houses in the US which don't meet the need of victims fleeing trafficking. Through half marathons and 5K races, gym workout events and other efforts such as an upcoming gala, the funds raised go to help with the fight against sex trafficking and bolsters our commitment to the fact that every ONE matters. Every child should have the chance to be free.


   United States Navy
   Retired 1996 - 2016

News Article | Access Link
   Donating Blood Really Can Make the Difference Between Life 
   and Death

2017 Military Base Spouse of the Year
  Access Link



Liberty University | Lynchburg Virginia
   Master of Arts in Leadership and Management

Old Dominion University | Norfolk, Virginia
   B.A. in International Studies
   Minor: Naval Science

 Defense Language Institute | Monterey, California
    AA in Vietnamese

 National Academy of Sports Medicine | Chandler, Arizona
    Fitness Nutrition Specialist

 National Academy of Sports Medicine | Chandler, Arizona
    Certified Personal Trainer


• Nonprofit Development
• Event Planning

• Public Speaking
• Mediation and Conflict Resolution Skills


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