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Dr. Joseph Umidi has always been intrigued by the role of Ambassadors to a nation; how they are trained, how the best of them are able to create milestone memories at key moments in difficult conversations. When he discovered over 550 people whose lives were altered by one personal conversation with an Ambassador over his four-year tenure in the U.S., he knew he had found his life calling.  In 1999 he started Lifeforming, a training organization to train leaders with Ambassador quality skills that has become an international movement of over 10,000 certified relational leaders in 31 countries and 14 languages.  His 32 years of teaching at Master and Doctoral levels at Regent University, including roles as Dean and now as Executive Vice President, have given him opportunities to interact with present and emerging global Ambassadors.  In 2017 he launched the Ambassador Alliance, a membership platform for helping hundreds of influential leaders maximize their Personal Leadership Effectiveness through unique coaching clusters and cutting-edge technology.  

The release of the first MasterCoach APP in 2018 is becoming a major tool for Ambassador leaders to leverage their influence in authentic and sustainable coaching supervision to millennials and others in the workplace.  To support this global network, he has authored numerous articles and books dealing with personal, organizational, and community Transformation, and is working internationally with transformation strategies in the developing nations. He is married to Marie Umidi, Founder & President of TMCJ, Inc., an Arts organizations that has empowered hundreds of thousands through dramatic theatre and video broadcast presentations around the world.  Their greatest joy is to model and teach these values of Honor to their married son and three grandchildren.




by empowering others for being the difference and making the difference.  I train leaders to maximize their own and their team’s Personal Leadership Effectiveness.


that creates healthy workplace cultures for workers, leaders, vendors, and customers.  Every conversation should move the dial towards greater buy-in to the values and vision.


by making a living doing what we love. Every employee and staff should be coached to see how their work-life is key to the intersection of their Purpose and Passion.


Founder & CEO
Lifeforming Leadership Coaching

1998 - Present

• Established Training Centers in 29 countries and 14 languages

• Certified over 10,000 Leadership Coaches

• Launched the Mastercoach APP for supervisors, managers, leaders, and coaches

• Developed the Ambassador Alliance network for transformational influencers in key
   sectors of society

Professor, Dean, and EVP
Regent University

1985 - Present

• Developed courses and curriculum for 25 Master and Doctoral level courses

• Established strategies to contribute to the fastest growing University in the U.S. with
   one of highest Retention rates

• Developed Internship and Placement systems for recruiting, hiring, and developing
   leaders globally

• Authored books, training manuals, articles, and policy papers for leaders facing
   contemporary challenges

Senior Overseer
Advisor to networks of churches throughout US and globally.

1990 - Present

• Established a church planting system and helped launch numerous churches
   regionally and internationally

• Spiritual father to leaders of non-profits and churches and their staff

• Senior Overseer to hundreds of churches in US and in South America

• Advisor, Consultant, and Trainer for networks of schools, non-profits, and churches


"I have been honored to know Dr. Umidi for more than 10 years. Through all these years I was able to witness his professionalism, skill and dedication to see people thrive and develop professionally and personally.Joseph is a man of great integrity. This, coupled with a tremendous background makes him not only a trusted, but also a highly competent and experienced, leader and coach."

• Doris Gomez, Ph.D. 
  Dean, School of Business & Leadership
  Regent University

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2005 | Teacher of the Year Regent University‍‍

2007 | Outstanding Curriculum from Vanguard International

2007 - 20017 | Author of 4 books, 12 Training Manuals,
                        37 courses


Qualification Overview

• Masters and Doctorate that focuses on Personal and Organizational

•  Certification with International Coach Federation

• Founder and CEO of one of largest international Coach Training

• Executive Vice President of Regent University

• Overseer/President of several networks of non-profits,
   churches, and ministries

• Founder of several Institutes and Alliances for professional

• Senior Partner with international organizations for leadership


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