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Felicia Linch was born and raised in the United Kingdom with a father from Africa and a mother from the Caribbean.  From a young age she had a passion for leadership, but because of her multi-cultural background and being a 5ft 2inch black woman she was often overlooked and felt invisible. Yet Felicia’s personal journey created a unique perspective that has allowed her to work successfully in Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa for over 15 years. Having overcome her own limiting mindsets and discovering who she was created to be, Felicia is now an international leader and a consultant to Governments. Her own story has made her passionate about Identity, Purpose, Destiny and Leadership just some of the topics that she speaks on, and explores in her book “The Invisible Leader – Stepping Up, Stepping Out’.


Felicia holds an LLB law degree from the University Of Wales College Of Cardiff (Wales). She passed the Inns of Court School of Law examination in 1992 and became a U.K. Barrister in 1994. On finding her purpose she changed careers and gained an MBA from Kingston Business School (UK). Felicia is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (U.K.) and is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (U.K.). She is a certified Life, Leadership and Team Coach.  Felicia has recently been recognised for her work in the Caribbean Nations and was nominated and awarded the status of UN Peace Ambassador.


As a speaker, Felicia shows up with her whole self and is said to bring real insight and a systemic approach that connects the whole picture, rather than viewing leadership challenges in isolation. Felicia understands that learning happens best when it connects to real life and so she uses real-life examples of the concepts she teaches. She is known for sharing authentically the lessons she’s learned from her own failures. She affirms that “failure was my best teacher”.  


As a consultant, Felicia advises Governments on how to develop robust policy and Governance arrangements that drive equity and sustainable economic development.  She also leads large scale Public Service Reform and Transformation Programmes across the globe. 


Felicia is focused, personable and results-oriented. Whether she’s engaged in public speaking or consulting her goal is to challenge people’s thinking, break limiting mindsets and move us all to the next level.




I’m passionate about my faith in Jesus – I believe there’s no greater goal in life than to become like him; he valued everyone, was motivated by compassion and gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to others!


I long to see nations, especially of the Caribbean, prosper economically, ensure the wellbeing of ALL their people and to create a just and equitable society.


I love working with Purposed Leaders, i.e. those who have an innate sense of being called to achieve a vision or goal bigger than themselves to the benefit of others.


Public Speaker 

2007 - Present

Felicia is passionate about people discovering who they were created to be and breaking the limiting mindsets that hold us back from fulfilling our purpose.

Key notes:

     • Identity

     • Breaking Limiting mindsets

     • Purpose

     • Making faith a reality (Faith and life application)

     • Leadership (Self-leadership, Civic Leadership, Change (Personal &
       Organizational) and Performance Management)


Sample of previous speaking engagements:

     • Graduation Keynote, St Elizabeth’s, Barbados 

     • Make Your Mark- Middle Managers Conference, Jamaica 

     • BTOES Annual Conference, Florida USA 

     • HRMAB Annual Conference, Barbados 

     • National Competitiveness Conference, Turks and Caicos Islands 

     • Caribbean Excellence Conference, Barbados

     • CICMC, Annual Management Consulting Business Symposium, Jamaica


Wake Up to Purpose
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Carib HR Radio
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Felicia's Podbean Postcast
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CEO and Founder
Kitch International Ltd ‍

2007 - Present

Kitch International Ltd is a Purpose-driven company.  We desire to help nations prosper and for their people to be in good health; emotionally, physically and spiritually.  

Kitch has 2 brands (i) Kitch Consulting, and (ii) Linch Learning and Development              

Kitch Consulting works in the field of international development where they help Governments across the globe and local governments transform to deliver economic and social benefit for all stakeholders, citizens, visitors, corporations and the non-profits.

Linch Learning and Development  which focuses on 3 key areas; Human Resources where we train, coach and mentor HR professionals and build capacity of the HR Organisation, Leadership and Management where we develop an individual’s Personal Leadership Effectiveness, prepare and grow a new generation of leaders as well as enhancing the leadership and management capability of existing leaders and finally Public Sector Management where we train Public Officers/Civil Servants to equip them with the skills to deliver accountability, value for money and support good governance.


2017 - May 2020 

Government of the British Virgin Islands, Island - funded by U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) 


Held full responsibility for the Government’s Public Service Transformation Established as lead technical advisor and Programme Manager. Led a highly skilled internal transformation team and also managed a team of 3 external technical specialists to support the Government’s Public Sector Transformation programme. 

Led the development of a Government Policy Agenda based on Government’s policy priorities for the 3-year period of the budget 2020

Optimized Government’s planning and budgeting process to align with Government policy, including focusing on efficiency savings and revenue generation following the hurricanes of 2017 which destroyed 80% of the Islands infrastructure and the decrease in revenue from the primary revenue generating sector of financial services.

Developed and implemented a new Integrated Labour and Immigration Work Permits Online system


2016 - 2017 

Government of Belize, Belize - funded by Caribbean Development Bank

Lead Technical Advisor in the conduct of a Governance and Management review of Rural Water Boards and the Government Ministry with oversight of the Boards. Conducted a feasibility study of possible solutions and delivered recommendations for the sustainable management of rural water systems by improving the legislative, institutional, and financial management framework. 

Government of Turks and Caicos Islands, Turks & Caicos Islands - funded by   

European Union


Reviewed and developed a log-frame for successful delivery of over 10 projects working under the Business Transformation Programme. Produced policy briefings for Ministers to highlight options related to investment, immigration, and employment.
Fostered strong working relations with private sector and established a Public Private Forum for the purpose of joint solutions development.

Designed and facilitated consultations that led to revisions of the incentives programme to better meet private sector needs and government policy priorities.



2014 - 2016 

Government of Montserrat, Montserrat - funded by Department of U.K. Aid


As Programme Manager had leadership and management responsibility for the Government of Montserrat’s Public Sector Reform Programme (PSRP) and advised Cabinet on Public Sector Reform, Governance, and policy.  

Solved various matters, such as governance, policy development, and undertook a number of critical reviews including a Review of the country’s Investment Promotions Agency and the Premier’s Office.  

Dispersed a programme with a budget of 3.1M through service delivery within the specified time. Initially the programme had dispersed under 30% and was placed on a performance improvement programme. Following Felicia’s leadership of the programme an AA rating was achieved, the highest rating there is by DFID and she had dispersed 100% of the remaining 70% of budget in delivery of programmes within the 2 years of her leadership.


2013 - 2014

Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), Barbados


Led a team that conducted a review of the governance and legal arrangements for the 17 National Disaster Agencies (NDA’s) falling under the Caribbean Community.  Following review developed new model organisational structures for the NDA’s to enable them to be more effective in delivering on their legal mandate, as well as meeting the individual policy objectives of their national Governments. 

Successfully created and delivered a final Policy Report on the model structures and recommendations to build disaster management capacity and capability that was approved by the CDEMA Council of Ministers.  

HR, Training & Facilitation

May 2020 - Present 

Government of the British Virgin Islands – funded by the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office


Felicia has since completing her initial assignment with the Government moved to a retainer arrangement where they access advice, support and some execution activities from Felicia.  A key component of the Retainer arrangement is optimising the HR Department, and, the re-building and re-branding of the GBVI’s learning and Development Function.



2014 - 2016 

Government of Montserrat, Montserrat - funded by Department of U.K. Aid


In addition to responsibility as Programme Manager was the technical lead on a number of human resource management matters including the design and development of a new more robust recruitment and selection process that utilised Assessment centre methodology and was piloted as the critical roles pilot.  The pilot involved re-training of the Public Service Commission and senior managers in the new methodology and competency and behavioural based recruitment approaches.  The project successfully recruited 12 out of 14 critical roles that HR had been unable to recruit to for 3 years. Also, developed a change management strategy for the reform programme.



Barbados Public Worker’s Credit Union, Barbados


Sub-contracted to facilitate visioning, values and strategic planning sessions focusing on a mandate for growth.  This planning sessions delivered a new Group joint strategic plan.



Ansa McCall Group Subsidiary, Barbados


Provided 1-2-1 Executive coaching to the CEO of one of Ansa McAll’s subsidiary companies. The CEO coaching included review and reflection on his 360-degree feedback results and Ansa’s company values framework.  This led to his request to work with his executive team and therefore developed a team coaching programme designed to increase collaboration and focus to deliver results.  The intervention successfully increased the teams awareness and respect of the strength in their diversity, i.e. their different personalities, experiences and skills, improved morale and team dynamics and this led to improved performance as the team were able to collectively develop a new strategy that saved the company from closure and led to a promotion for the CEO, rather than termination as was originally being contemplated.



2013 – 2014

Government of Jamaica, Jamaica- funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)


Delivered policy and technical advice to Government on the Public Administration system. Key focus was advice and execution of a compensation review with clear recommendations to satisfy the requirements according to the Government’s structural agreement with the IMF. 

Reviewed and analysed public pay administration developed compensation philosophy, policy, and strategies for attraction and retention.

Developed a new job evaluation tool and conducted Job analysis and job evaluation using the new tool. 


Government of Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua – funded by the World Bank


As organizational design specialist conducted a Functional Review of the HR entities responsible for Antigua’s Public Administration system.  This required mini reviews of each entity individually against their legal mandate and strategy.  On completion of the review made recommendations for optimising the Public Administration system, including developing a new organisational structure for the 3 entities and a new strategy to better align them with the Governments vision of a ‘modern Public Service’.  


The success of this work led to a further consultancy to review the draft Public Service Bill and provide policy advise to the Minister and recommendations for the revision of the Bill in line with the Government’s policy intent.



International Trauma and Critical Care Centre Ltd, Nigeria


Lead HR and Organisational design advisor to the client’s Board and the HR  team with respect to HR and strategy related to a new Public Private Partnership entered into with the State Government to manage and operate 2 brand new hospitals.  Conducted a visioning and strategic planning session with the Board and developed a new Vision, Mission, Values and strategy.  In addition, responsible for developing the new HR organisational structure and required for the hospitals to go live, and recruiting and selecting personnel for the two medical facilities.


2010 – 2014

Director of HLM Academy, Barbados 

Felicia was Director and senior trainer of HLM Academy training company that specialised in Human Resources, Leadership and Management programmes. HLM was an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Provider delivering Endorsed Programmes


"Kitch Consulting represented by Felicia Linch was appointed in 2016 as program director, for the Turks and Caicos Government’s Business Reform strategy, originally developed in 2014 and supported by the European Union Development Fund. The program was relabeled as The Business Transformation Strategy to highlight the fact that the focus was not as much on reforming practices as it was on innovation. 

To engage key public and private sector stakeholders a competitiveness conference was convened by Invest TCI at which Felicia was a presenter. Her presentation drove home in a simple but forceful way the origins of prosperity contrasting it with the classical theory on the subject of national competitiveness. Concluding that competitiveness is achieved through increased productivity by upgrading services and product through innovation. She was emphatic that national competitiveness in the end creates national prosperity as opposed to a country’s natural endowments, and the ease of doing business facilitates productivity. 

Felicia’s presentation was significant and to the point; it left no doubt that “The Business Transformation Strategy” can only be achieved through active involvement of all stakeholders, with the key influencers being Turks and Caicos Government and the local private sector. 

Her comprehensive grasp of the modern theory of national competitiveness makes her ideally suited as a facilitator in this crucial area of tremendous importance to resource challenged small countries."

Charles W. Misick MSc, OBE 
Minister of Turks and Caicos Islands Government
(2012 – 2016) – Government of Turks and Caicos Islands

"I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Felicia’s conference workshops. Sometimes we attend conferences and forget what we learned. But today, three months later, I am still mindful of the challenges I was presented with that day. Felicia has an unwavering passion to improve the lives of each and every person in the room. She was personable and knowledgable in the front of the room, and also took her presentation to the next level by interacting and challenging us on an individual level. She did not merely smile and nod, but rather asked us tough questions to really get us to think about how we were facing the obstacles in our lives. Her questions challenged us to take that next step to move past the block and consider other options to dealing with a difficult workplace issue. If you want to move beyond where you are now in your business or in your life, I strongly recommend Felicia as a speaker, facilitator, and as a coach."

Jennifer Currency  SPHR, SHRM-SCP 
HR Advisor, Trainer, Coach, Speaker and Author  - Oncore Solutions Management

Read For Life Barbados
Learn More

Read for life was born when Gillian Rowe and Faith Millington authored their first children’s book and took the summer to promote it in schools, with their friend and colleague Jamila Walton.  They observed the need to enhance literacy not only in Barbados but across the Caribbean, and though only in their first year of University the girls felt something must be done.


I have watched Read For Life grow as an organisation and seen how these 3 young women went beyond passion to action, demonstrating real care for their community and beyond.  I have great pleasure in recommending the organisation to anyone interested in improving child literacy and supporting a different kind of learning opportunity to children and parents, especially those considered underprivileged.


2020 - UN Peace Ambassador

Felicia’s work in the Caribbean region has been recognised by Word of Life International (W.O.L.M.I ) the first and only full Gospel organisation to be accredited with consultative status by the United Nations Social and Economic Council and has rights to appoint Peace Ambassadors to the United Nations.

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2018 - Fellow

Felicia’s experience as a leader and manager earned her admission to the Chartered Institute of Management (UK), as a Fellow.  The CMI is known as “THE HALLMARK OF LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE”.


2014-2016 – A First

During her time as Programme Manager for the Government of Montserrat’s PSR Programme she facilitated a Cabinet Retreat and assisted the Government in developing it’s first-ever Government’s Policy Agenda, which CARTAC[1] advised at the time was the first of its kind in the Caribbean. 

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2012-2013 – Research Published
Felicia was a Public Sector Management Monitoring and Evaluation Expert for the Inter-American Development Bank where she evaluated the progress of several Caribbean Government’s using the IDB PRODEV tool. Her analysis was so thorough she was asked to develop her analysis into summaries for contribution to the IDB Publication: “Building Effective Governments”.

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Successfully completed an MBA at Kingston Business School and was awarded the Chartered Institute of Management – Kingston Branch Achievement award for “best overall contribution to the MBA program in a supportive and constructive manner”.

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Called to the U.K.Bar (Inner Temple)
Note: This was under Felicia’s maiden name ‘Felicia Nkechi Bernadette OKOSI’I 

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Government of Jamaica funded by IDB loan, Jamaica –completed the review to the standard required to meet Jamaica’s conditionality of their IMF Structural agreement, see Page 41 of Jamaica: 2016 Article IV Consultation, Eleventh and Twelfth Reviews : 

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Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), Barbados (2013-2014) - Completed the development of Model National Disaster Organisation and presented a policy paper to guide decision-makers in adapting organizational structures that are optimal for delivering on the CDM mandate. The Paper was accepted by the CDEMA Council. 

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04/2020 – 10/2020

   Global Team Coaching Institute, London 

   Qualification: Team Coaching Foundations Certified Coach 

•  09/2000 - 11/2001
   Kingston Business School (Surrey, U.K.) 
    Qualification: Master in Business Administration (MBA)

12/1998 - 01/1999
   BPP School of Law (London) 
   Qualification: Passed Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test

09/1991 - 06/1992
   Inns of Court School of Law (London) 
   Qualification: Passed Bar Vocational course

09/1988 - 05/1991
   University of Wales College of Cardiff (Wales)
   Qualification: LLB Law Degree


• 03/1999
   Law Society, London
   Admitted to the role of Solicitors 15.03.1999 


• 02/1994

   Bar Council, London

   Admitted to the Bar 17.02.94

  Access Link

• 11/2006 - 10/2007
   Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD),    
   University of Surrey School of   

   Management (Guilford, U.K.)   

   Practitioners Status: MCIPD)[1]


• 2010 
   Willis Towers Watson (formerly Saville Consulting)   
   Certified in the use of the Wave  Psychometric Assessment tool

• 2013 

   Lifeforming Leadership, VA, USA 
   Certified leadership and life coach

• 2013 - 2014  
   Global Edge, Barbados, Caribbean   
   Trained Assessment Centre Manager - Executive  Recruitment


• 2017 - 2018
   Future Achievement International, USA 
   Certified Merit Profile Assessor and PLE mentor[1]


• 2020

   WOLMI and CICA International, USA

   Completed Phase 1: Diplomacy Training Programme


• Leadership and Transition Coach
• Excellent Inter-personal skills
• Contextual Intelligence (hindsight, foresight,insight)

• Strategic thinking

• Entrepreneurial
• Problem Solver

• Influencer


• 16/08/2020 

Appointed to Board of Directors of WOLMI-International Consulting Cabinet 

Access Link


• 30/0/2018

Founder and member of the Board of Directors for Purposed for Leadership (Community Interest Company)

Access Link

• 03/01/2019

   Appointed Senior Advisor to and Member of The    

   Ambassador Association

  Access Link


• 09/10/1999

   Member of the Honorable Society of Inner Temple


• 15/03/1999

   Member of the Law Society of England and Wales


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