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Geordan Haddad is a sophomore fashion design major at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Boston. He chose fashion design because of a passion for style and the transformative and conceptual potential for the medium, as well as a level of respect and admiration for many of the established designers who have come before him.

He has enjoyed art and creation in general for the better part of his life, enough to continue to explore new media throughout his life and to make it his career.



A priority for personal expression through new ideas and silhouettes.


One of the most interesting aspects of fashion design is its potential to alter and completely transform the figure; to make a whole new being.


A passion for creation is what drives design and art in general. This is a core principle that will always influence my work.


Rockstar NC Cheer Academy 

• Mural design/painting

Magic Elite Cheer Academy

• Mural design/painting


• Portraits

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• 2017 Art Award
   Northeastern High School

• Northeastern High School
  2017 Graduate

• Massachusetts College of Art & Design
  Class of 2021

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