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My Reflections from the Front Line

Is There Room for one More at The Table?

To Mask or Not to Mask That is the Question?

A faceless, form less and colorless enemy has invaded our shores, disrupted our way of life and pursuits of happiness. This enemy is non-discriminatory, disrespectful of tradition, crosses socioeconomic classes, gender, race, age, religion and nationalities. It has leveled the playing field. It doesn’t matter if you reside in the house on the hill or in the least affluent streets. This invasive enemy has removed our comfort, changed our narratives and norms. Our, cook-outs, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation....

Women have been making small strides for their seat at the table for years however with each advancement met opposition. Why? We make up half the U.S. labor force, outnumbering men in achieving upper education degrees. However, from male dominated corporate boardrooms to Congress, from non -profit organizations to universities, from Hollywood entertainment to U. S. Supreme Court…basically across most industries…we are underrepresented in leadership positions....

Throughout civilization masks have been worn in war, religious, tribal, and pagan rituals, celebrations, rites of passage, entertainment, protection, and communication with ancestral spirits. These were and are made of various materials, wood, leather, gold, silver, feathers, etc. Some masks are not only of human face but of animals or the shape thereof. Exaggerated features in some cultures hold significance and are symbolic. For example, a mask with closed eyes symbolizes tranquility, a bulging forehead is wisdom or bulging eyes were to scare one’s enemy.