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Writing about yourself is never fun or an easy thing to do. I always feel like I am writing my own obituary for my family to read one day. First and foremost, I’m a Husband, Father, Son, Comic, Chef, and many other things God hasn’t released yet. Although I am a native of Virginia Beach, VA, this was not my choice of residency. My parents were both in the military and we were stationed in Fort Campbell Kentucky for the early parts of my childhood. I am a true country boy at heart.

My cooking career started at a young age when I was a dishwasher at a local eatery called Black-eyed Peas. Although cooking wasn’t my forte, this is where my roots were established. I was simply astonished by the family-friendly environment and how the employees worked together to complete the same task and goal every night. As I explored through jobs trying to find myself, one thing always stood out like a sore thumb at every job. That I was a leader and I always went above and beyond what I was asked to do or paid to do.

My fondness for cooking appeared when my Wife and I were dating, and I noticed that Chicken Parmesan just wasn’t her specialty, it was the only thing she could cook. We couldn’t afford to eat at restaurants every night, so I began watching cooking shows and preparing meals throughout the week. I started experimenting in the kitchen and noticed that I could taste the flavors of the food without physically tasting the food. I soon enrolled in The Culinary Institute of Virginia where they taught me the proper way to use my gift and how to turn my passion into a business. I began working on the line at numerous restaurants but really found my niche when I was promoted to executive chef of catering for a fortune five hundred company.

Throughout my time spent doing numerous big events, I noticed that we were charging the clients high dollar for poor quality and lacked execution of the client’s vision. It wasn't rocketed science to figure out that I could operate my own business, connect with other companies that share the same passion and vision and offer our clients a full-service culinary experience with quality product and services all while still providing affordable rates.




It is a priority that I start a non-profit that includes real Fathers who mentor, coachable fine young men coming from single Mother households.


When I have the time, I absolutely love landscaping and planting. I never in a million years would have imagined that edging my lawn and planting vegetables would be so therapeutic.


There is no better feeing then challenging your body mentally and physically and pushing past exhaustion. If your body is physically strong the mind has no other option.


The Skinny Chef, LLC ‍‍

2016 - pressent

The Skinny Chef is a full-service catering company for casual and formal small events. We specialize in providing superior culinary experiences using free ingredients and the latest trends, while still providing affordable rates.

Our Services Include:

• Private Events & Catering
• Weddings & Rehearsal Dinners
• Corporate Events
• Charity & Fundraiser Events


We Serve The City

We Serve The City is a local Non-Profit organization with a mission to serve the city of Virginia Beach through simple acts of service.

• They provide free food to families 
• Free haircuts & backpacks to children going back to school
• Family Counseling
• Raise awareness throughout Virginia Beach


2017 | We Serve The City Community Service Award 




• High School Diploma
  Green Run

• Commercial Drivers Certificate
  Advanced Technology Institute

  Culinary Institute Of Virginia


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