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Personality. Writer. Producer. Innovator.  Multi-talented personality, Ray J Pope is no stranger to the entertainment and media industry. Also affectionately often called, “Brutha Ray”, this Maryland bred native now calls Virginia home. As a devoted husband of 16 years and father to 3 beautiful girls, Ray embodies family, faith, and favor. His career as a national personality, writer, innovator, and producer has taken him all over the world, from New York City to Paris, France.
As a child, Ray dreamed of being a radio host and an onstage personality. He picked up his first instrument at the age of 3, and by age 10, he was well on his way to becoming a well-rounded musician. Because of his interests in music and early discovery that “he wasn’t much of a singer”, Ray found his niche being a force in instrumentation and production. He went on to pursue a degree in Music Education from Lincoln University. Following his education, Ray proceeded to perfect his craft under the mentorship of industry leaders, Rodney Jerkins, Isaac Phillips, and Leon Sylvers. Ray toured abroad, and shared the stage as a skilled musician with some of the industry’s finest talents such as Michael Bolton, James Ingram and Celine Dion. 
Being a host, musician, writer, and producer, Ray receives inspiration from a range of re-known celebrities such as Will Smith, Rodney Jerkins, DeVon Franklin, and Tyler Perry. As a man who has experienced and overcome some very big obstacles life threw his way, Ray J Pope understands the struggles of his audience and can relate to the trials faced in life daily. He has dedicated himself to using every opportunity he gets to share the fun and joy of life, despite the sometimes burdens of its’ challenges. 
Recognized most for his current role as Co-Host and producer on the nationally syndicated radio show, Onstage with Earl Bynum Music Radio on Rejoice Musical Soulfood Radio Network, Ray is deeply connected with the ‘know-how’ of the Entertainment Industry. Week by week, he interviews some of the biggest names in entertainment to provide listeners with up-to-date industry insight delivered through comedic commentary. Other notable ventures include the founding of his media company (EQUINOX MEDIA GLOBAL), the opening of his major stage-play (Her First Love) and his hosting of various Red Capet events, concerts, shows and activities nationwide.
Ray’s giving heart passion for helping others also lead to the emergence of, Love.Live, a global movement devoted to promoting SELFLESSNESS and LOVE, one to one million random acts of kindness at a time. Finally living the dream he knew was prearranged by God, Ray J. Pope views his purpose to simply serve others through living love and promoting positivity through entertainment.




I love to experience creation in every way.  Being able to produce, experience, and share something that gives life new breath, gives me the drive to continue brining inspiration into the world.  Writing, producing; whatever brings texture to the canvas of life, I'm absorbed in it.


Life is precious.  I strive to preserve life in many ways.  Whether it is to appreciate other cultures, or to dive in the trenches with the community to find a missing child, it is my love of life that drives my aspirations.


Love is the basis of our life and creation.  So to love Life, and creativity, is to love love itself.  And to love to love God, as God IS love!


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Lincoln University
1995-1999 | Music Education


• Music Production
• Screenplay/Stageplay Writer
• Creative Director
• Musical Director

• Video Producer/Editor
• Health Journal Columnist
• Event Producer/Coordinator
• CEO of Equinox Media Global, LLC.


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