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Sandra Burton a native of North Carolina, has 20+ years in the Hampton Roads Area.  A proud wife of 12 years and a proud mother. Sandra has been in Real Estate for over 10 years. Sandra has always loved helping people achieve their dreams of home ownerships and entrepreneurship which has led her to the real estate industry. From the experiences in the real estate industry has created a focus on advancing in the commercial sector but has also redirected attention to the community. Sandra supports the community in various ways from the charity opportunities in real estate, youth programs and to supporting non- profit organizations, such as Journey for Success that helps single mothers succeed.




I have become an entrepreneur which has given me the opportunity to provide examples for our young men and women to become all they desire to be in life to achieve success.


I enjoy making a difference in my community thru volunteering that touches people of all ages. And encourages them to give back.


I strive to make better choices with the food that I eat while focusing on moderation, balance and a healthier lifestyle.


Associate Broker 
Keller Williams Coastal Virginia

2010 - Present

‍‍• Provide residential and commercial real estate services to clients in all aspects of
  buying, selling and leasing.

• Communicate and interact with commercial clients, agents, builders and investors

• Identify proposed locations such as retail, office and industrial for commercial
  lease properties

• Negotiate due diligence and closings of commercial properties

• Provide informed quality housing procedures to potential buyers and seller

• Advise clients about the home buying or selling process ensuring client awareness

• Research and view property listings which may result in a listing contract

• Schedule visits to property sites resulting in a sales agreement

• Present real estate contracts to clients resulting in a sales contract

Business Owner

2008 - 2010

• ‍Distribution of Men and Women Clothing Accessories for all ages

Branch Manager 
Access Mortgage

2005 - 2007

• Recruit, train, and manage staff to perform to the standards, and then create an  
   environment of achievement and accountability for the team to achieve desired results
   and behaviors.

• Provide regular performance feedback through timely performance appraisals, personnel
   actions such as hiring, promotions, coaching, or counseling of staff. 

• Work with home owners and real estate agents to develop workout solutions on mortgage
   loans where home owners are facing financial difficulties. 

• Review and determine appropriate workout options based on financial packages, credit
   reports, appraisals, hardship information and client guidelines. 

• Empower and train associates in the areas of operations and customer service.

• Use in-depth product knowledge to answer the customer’s questions, and proactively
   explain and sell company products to meet the needs of the customer.  

• Ensure compliance with all policies and standard operating procedures through regular
   meetings, observations, audits, and performance meetings.

• Retention of staff through team building, motivation, leadership skills, training and skills

• Reviewing staff quality, production levels and work habits.

• Set goals and career paths for all staff members and provide an environment for

• Ensure compliance with all regulatory and governmental standards, guidelines, rules and
   regulations, and Standard Operating Procedures.

• Offer techniques and motivate team to meet aggressive, but achievable sales goals.

• Continual training on programs, processes and procedures.

• Prepare and maintain bi-weekly projection reports and pipeline reports.


FoodBank Of Southeastern Virginia 

See Website:

Since 1981, the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore, a member of Feeding America™ and the Federation of Virginia Food Banks, has been providing food for hungry people throughout Southeastern Virginia and on the Eastern Shore.

The Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia coincides with my belief about giving back to the community.


• Certificate (05/15/03) Interagency Border Inspection System
   (IBIS) -  Washington, DC

• Certificate (05/15/03) National Crime Information Center
   (NCIC) -  Washington, DC

• Certificate (05/15/03) Treasury Enforcement Communications
   Systems (TECS) - Washington, DC

• Certificate (04/15/03) Quality Management System Training -
   Arlington, VA

• Certificate (02/13/03) Computer Security Awareness Training 
   for CIS - Dallas, TX

• Certification (10/10/02) ISO 9001:2000 – Three Day Internal
   Auditor Training - Key West, FL

• Certificate (08/21/02) Naturalization Quality Procedure 4
   Training (NQP4) - Arlington, VA

• Certificate (08/20/02) Quality Assurance Process Review
   Training - Arlington, VA



• Bachelor of Arts
   Business Administration/ Minor in Psychology


• IBM Certified Analyst- i2 Analyst Notebook V8.9 Certification

• Planned facilitated successful (CIS) Citizenship and
   Immigration ‍‍‍Services quality site reviews.


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