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Chance Wilson
Business & Venture Strategist

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My name is Chance Wilson and I am the founder of Binchmark, a business strategy and project development service company. Our company has been headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia since 2003. During the COVID-19 global pandemic, myself and other colleagues have seen so many things go wrong with this situation other than what’s going right, or greater details being left in the wind. I am a strong believer in the power generated by societies morale/perception that can mean the difference between healthy citizens, strong communities or increased desperation, poverty, crime and reserved spending that can absolutely destroy the economy. One of my greatest fears is that any further delay could stall our everyday living to the point of no return. 

Truthfully, I believe that something as simple as getting a takeout meal or milkshake could calm a person’s mind because it’s attached to the only version of normalcy they know. Part of that normalcy people depend on to maintain a working community, relationships, entrepreneurship, family and to simply stay out of trouble. This is why the research service brand of my company called GoResearch.Me will be leading a campaign called Beyond The Virus ( The campaign itself is a message that we need to start looking and preparing Beyond The Virus.



Our vision is to set an example of collaboration through communication, hyper preparedness, and proactive steps that keep citizens safe while empowering the community through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. 



Our mission is to provide a centralized information platform concerning COVID-19 with a deeper view on the methods taken to ensure public health with keeping the economy intact. 



  • Raising awareness for the campaign, its purpose, partners and participants through social media, word of mouth and other media outlets that encourage citizens locally and abroad to look forward to a greater tomorrow. 

  • Provide assessable information on hyper preparedness tips, COVID-19 updates and references on public and national resources. 

  • Commentary on proactive tips and efforts taken by citizens to maintain a healthy mindset to improve the communities outlook as a whole.

  • Commentary and recommendations from professionals that impact business practices and conducting business through the pandemic. 

  • Feedback on the challenges faced by citizens and business owners. 


What is it you would like to see on this site that would help you during this time. Let us know.

Thank you supporting sponsors and partners.


© 2020 Binchmark  |  Beyond The Virus is a social campaign by Binchmark's GoResearch.Me 

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